How to train your body & mind by Ajahn Anan

Posted by SataBhisha | 02 Nov 2021

The body and mind are the coming together of elements according to nature, that is all.
When our mind has greed, hatred and delusion, then we must have mindfulness to train the mind, to teach the mind, and to see the feelings – the various feelings that arise in the mind – as impermanent. Not us, not them. If we think it is us, we are deluded already.
Photo : True Little Monk


When we see people walking here and there, we see that they are impermanent, not lasting, not certain.
We see ourselves and see us as not permanent, not lasting, and uncertain.
Contemplate throughout our daily life.
Sometimes we see the beauty of us or them, and then we contemplate again, is the body really beautiful?
Why do we do this?
Because of the distortions of the mind, it sees wrongly that the unbeautiful is beautiful.
Like this body that isn’t beautiful at all – we understand it as beautiful – this is a distortion of the mind.
When we can contemplate our own body or the bodies of others as not beautiful, then our mind becomes more beautiful and more radiant, because it sees according to wisdom.
Note : Ajahn Anan Akiñcano is one of Ajahn Chah's disciple, developing a relationship as Ajahn Chah’s personal attendant.