Train yourself to be a good person by Ajahn Maha Bua

Posted by มหัทธโน | 11 Mar 2020

Train yourself to be a good person

Dhamma Talk by Ajahn Maha Bua

At this time you are still alive but not at all interested in Attha or Dhamma or in merit or Kusala.

You’re just interested in Apaya-mukha* all the time. So where will a monk be able to find merit for you after you die?


You have to train yourself in every way possible to be a good person.
Nothing is more difficult than making people be good people, so there must be a pattern and system for training people to be good.

The lord Buddha taught in order to make people good.

He taught human beings to be good, to be clever in taking care of themselves and training themselves in order to gain the results of peace and happiness which can be a refuge for them in this human world.

If human beings are bad, they are the worst of all beings and this world will be doomed because clever humans can do almost anything. Nobody is superior to humans in this. If humans use their cleverness in ways which are bad or evil, the world will truly be led to catastrophe and ruin. But if people are clever in the way of goodness, such as those who try to behave correctly according to sila and Dhamma, just as people here have been striving to do, there is nobody in this world who can bring peace and coolness to the world more than human beings. This is because we humans are wise and clever.

Together, we humans are capable of bringing about a state of peace and happiness that we couldn’t even dream of.

Dhamma Talk by Ajahn Maha Bua

*“door to the lower worlds” actions leading to birth in the worlds of animals, hungry ghosts, demons and hell. These actions include: wrong conduct in sexual relations; consuming consumingb intoxicants; gambling; and associating with bad people."