4 Brilliant Ways Meditation can improve your life

Posted by SataBhisha | 20 Mar 2018

In the modern world, where everyone rush to accomplish and try to rule the world. Adversity is the most convenient truth that everyone experienced, and so peace of mind is hard to find. People choose to focus on the activities about mind and body such as Yoga and Meditation more and more because they help calming the busy mind.


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The are many journal and articles suggest about how we should adopt the habit of practicing meditation. Many of them even suggest, the detail, step by step about how to do it, and how it will benefit your life.

In this article, we collect the core benefit that meditation will improve your life.


  1. Meditation generates positivity
    It can raise your vibration. Meditation is the act of tuning in and focusing only on act, movement or thought. When you focus on loving or positivity. Negativity cannot coexist at the same moment, so as a result, you will find yourself in a better mood or feeling more positive than you usually are if you are prone to anxiety or pessimistic.
  2. It reduces Anxiety and depression
    One of the popular psychological illness that most city men are facing is Depression and Anxiety. Due to the high expectation on oneself and other as a standard of modern society. When disappointment hit, most people cannot cope with the feeling of lost or defeat. Resulting in self punishing or feel as if it is the end of the world.

    This habit only lead to Anxiety and depression that will freeze the patients feeling numb and unhappy all the time. For the severe case, the patient will need to be medicated. Meditation can be helpful for this symptom, for when you are relaxed and focus on breathing or pick up a good thought to focus on, the practitioner will generate self love and positivity. When practising everyday, the symptom will be lessen accordingly.
  3. It increases your happiness
    One of the major benefits of Meditating is that it increases happiness. Positivity brings positive outlook on living, so people who meditate are prone to be happier than who do not. It is the way of practicing and habit forming, not a belief.
  4. It improves your health and prolong your life
    Meditating is proven to decrease your blood pressure, lowering your heart rate and slow down body’s ageing process. Moreover, it helps you relax and sleep better as well. Thus adopting the habit to meditate everyday will improve your overall health.


To see the result, you do not have to be in the advance level of meditating. Start small, practicing about only 5 minutes a day can make you see the different on how it improve your health and your life.