Easy Methods to Meditate at Work

Posted by SataBhisha | 19 Jan 2018


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Meditation is a way to calm one’s mind, and it is an art of well being that its origin is dated back to 1,500 BCE .The science behind meditation is to train one’s mind to focus on one particular thing at the time which as a result, Concentration and Clarity of the mind is achieved from such practice. This mindful practice promotes mind’s well balance. It helps ease stress and very easy to adopt to be an everyday regime even when you are at work, buzzing and dizzily busy with tasks.  Moreover, it is free of charge, free of instruments and free from limited usages.


For people who hardly have some free time to sit and relax, here are some various ways to adopt meditation habits at work that will guarantee you, a glimpse of peacefulness to recharge you restless mind. 


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1) Breathing Techniques

The Easiest way that can help you feel suddenly relax is to learn the techniques of Mindful Breathing.

Start by observing your own breath. Set 5 - 10 minutes of your day, relax and just focus on “ breathing.”  Observe how you breathe, slow, fast, short or long and etc. Do not stress though. just breathe, it is not winning a competition.

Another useful breathing technique is to fully breathe through your lung or using an Ujjayi Pranayama Yoga Technique. These techniques help keep your mind focus, and your body will get more oxygen. 

2. Use Meditating Mobile Application

There are many time reminder applications that help you meditate easily such as Omvana,  White noise, Bhuddify and etc.
Unwinding with these apps during the day helps de-stress, and you will come back from the break refreshed and energized. 


3. Put Sign for a Meditation Break on your Desk.

Even machines need some pause to prevent breakdown, why would not you? 
Find some red circle or red dot to put on your work station. Use it as a reminder to stop being busy, and it is time to take a mini break to be mindful, and stay at the moment, only breathing.


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4. Mindful  Body Scanning & Peaceful Visualising

Use your imagination in the most practical way for mind and body healing. Visualizing that you are scanning your body. Feel the energy in each part of your body, and be mindful if there are any particular parts that need some extra Tender Loving and Care?

Pay attention to that part, and you will feel more relaxed and happier.  Or you can just sit and unwind your mind, visualising serene landscape such as ocean, waterfall, lush garden or etc. This technique is a quick fix, pick me up technique for the tired and gloomy mind.


Setting a habit of taking a pause every long hours of focus work session with these meditation techniques. might surprise you with higher productivity level, as well as your health and well being are promoted.