Buddhism is more of a philosophy or “way of life” that leads to spiritual development to the real happiness
Buddhist practices include mindfulness and meditation as a means to develop the qualities of awareness, kindness, and wisdom, leading to the end of suffering for anyone who attains “Enlightenment” which is the goal of Buddhism to enter Nirvana.

The story of Prince Siddhartha Gautama’s spiritual journey to Enlightenment and the story of the Buddha as becoming the supreme leader and the greatest teacher.

All “Dhamma” or Buddha’s teachings and rules, are truths of life. Buddhist ways of living and mindfulness mediation are means to the end the suffering. Dhamma which is the Law of of Nature is universal hence it is useful for all practices in daily life.

The Buddhist followers who are known as the sons of the Buddha. They are ordained to be Buddhist monks and strictly follow the Doctrine and the Discipline of the Monk. They are well trained in the path of Dhamma to attain enlightenment.