“TRUE LITTLE MONK : The Wisdom Training Programme for Novices”, The first reality documentary that inspires a world of compassion and kindness. , is presented by Charoen Pokphand Group and True Corporation Plc. The intention of this program is to broadcast the real lives of young boys of different races who live together to learn the Buddhism way to peace of mind. They learn how to meditate, how to develop their thinking skills and mindfulness, and how to live together in a relationship of interdependence.

The objectives are that viewers all over the world are beneficial and can apply these practicings and teachings to their daily lives, bringing peace to the world.

The Programme is broadcast re-live with Thai subtitle between October 15th – November 15th, 2018
All episodes are available at Truelittlemonk and Truelittlemonk and www.truelittlemonk.com